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Image by Christina Deravedisian

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by!
Things are just a little different around here when it comes to booking. Please choose the results you're wanting to achieve based on the descriptions below.
Have a whole lot of hair or hair past the mid back?
Please book time accordingly.


Pricing is the same for all people.

Bespoke haircuts - these are tailored to each individual and are more involved than a traditional walk-in type of setting. A bespoke haircut is thoughtful in the way that it assesses and takes into account growth pattern, texture, density, lifestyle, identity, comfort level, and the grow-out process. This type of haircut session is not rushed and is also meant to create a relaxing experience.

*Please arrive to the haircut appointment with clean, dry hair, and minimal product (not sticky) in order to receive the best results possible.

Haircut Offerings


New Client Haircut  1 hr - 95 

New Client Haircut 1.5 hr - 142

New Client Haircut 2 hr- 190

Head Spa - Scalp Ritual Sessions

These offerings address individual scalp needs

by analysis, oiling, detoxing the crown,

cleansing, and providing deep relaxation.

Scalp rituals encourage growth,

a healthy environment, and

circulate blood flow.

90 Minute- 150

120 Minute-200

180 Minute-300




Image by Michael Barón
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Henna Supplies

Coming  June 24

   100%  Zero chemical, pure, non toxic color options

Dark Green Minimalist Aesthetic Modern Paper Texture Business Brand Fashion
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