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Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by!
Things are just a little different around here when it comes to booking. Please choose the results you're wanting to achieve based on the descriptions below.
Have a whole lot of hair or hair past the mid back?
Please book time accordingly.


Image by Mahir Uysal

The Keep Up

190 2hr

This is a Classic color service.

Solid color for roots or roots to ends.

-Just need your roots touched up and don't want any highlights or balayage? 

-One solid color from scalp to ends? This is the service for you. Grey is covered, lengths are refreshed with a shine enhancing topcoat.

All color services for new guests include reiki infused shampoo, haircut, and are finished with a haircut & signature blowout. 

Keep it Light 

190 2 hr

Image by Hunter Matthews

Do you like your highlights just around the face and the top of the head?  Just looking for a few highlights?
Need to just refresh your existing highlights?  Sweet! You just need a sunkissed, mini highlight. This is great for a first time highlight or a subtle result. 
We will start with a consultation, color matching or shifting and finish with a reiki infused shampoo, gloss, haircut and blow dry.

Image by Alexey Demidov


Color & Lighten 

237 2.5 hr

Just need your roots touched up and want to add a few highlights? 

One color from scalp to ends with a sunkissed highlight? This is great for a color retouch with a few highlights or subtle dimension.

Grey is covered, lengths are refreshed. All new guest color services include reiki infused shampoo, haircut and are finished with a blow dry. 

Image by Vera Gorbunova

Specialty Color

285  3hr

Specialty Blonde

Haircut 65 45 min

Haircut 95   1 hr


Want to skip the color for now and just get a great haircut?  All haircuts will start with a thorough consultation, custom haircut, and a blow-out style. Since it is the first time we meet we will schedule extra time so we can get to know your hair goals.

Still not sure which service to choose?
No problem, just click on the form below & I'll get you all set up!

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This service is for brunettes, strawberries and blondes. 
This is for someone who is looking for change. It is for those who want to be extremely lighter, want a full head of foil work or balayage etc..-from brown to strawberry, or from any dark to light transformations. Lived- in looks, etc.. 
Also for those requiring special attention to  areas where damage is present.  

All new guest color services finished with a reiki infused shampoo, gloss, haircut and blow dry. 
This service is for 3 hrs, each additional hour is 95/hr. If you have very long and or very thick hair, please choose a 3.5 or 4 hr service.


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