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I do things a little differently by utilizing a modern booking system that is fully online.

There is no receptionist or call to book option, this streamlines appointments and allows you to make  your appointment at your convenience.

By offering a one- on- one experience, there is no double booking or rushing around. 

I am conveniently located in the downtown Edwardsville area and offer non-toxic, clean, and organic hair products.

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A little about me...  

 I'm Jamie (she/her) and I really appreciate you stopping by!

I am an Edwardsville native serving the local community.

I have been a stylist for 10+ years and I'm more passionate now about my craft than ever! I specialize in craft haircuts, holistic scalp care facials,  and less chemicals. 

As a craft hairdresser, I am highly proficient in ALL hair textures and use an array of techniques, as well as an intuitive cutting method.


I seek ongoing education for technique, formulation, non-toxic ingredients, and sustainable practices. 

  While I know there are a large variety of salons and hairstylists to choose from in the area , I set myself apart by choosing to do things a little differently. I look at hairdressing through a holistic and earth-friendly lens. I use handcrafted, organic, vegan, and earth(and people)-loving products; whose companies stand for change. With so many unrealistic beauty standards out there-I choose to encourage what works best for each individual. 

I strive to provide a relaxing, non-judging environment that encourages self-expression and nourishes connection.

I do my best to offer a respectful, all welcoming & affirming environment🏳️‍🌈

 I'm a mother of two super- awesome kids. In my free time I love spending time with them, listening to music, gardening, and creating art. I am an earth-lover and healthy living seeker.


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Offering a space where all are welcome and encouraged .

Young Entrepreneurs

Non-toxic Styling Products that have a positive environmental impact.

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Choosing companies that are intentional and stand for change.

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I avoid plastics, especially hard plastics, whenever possible. 


I simply just don't. 

I specialize in natural tones. This means I do not push the hair past it's limits. I let the hair show me where it wants to go in order to achieve realistic results.  

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